Celebs Who Have Had Hair Transplants

Celebs who had hair transplant

Hair loss is a problem that plenty of men face even in the prime of their lives. Many are oddly proud of their thinning on top, but lots of men are not satisfied with their look, no matter good-looking young men or sweet old grandpas. Meanwhile, those who are under constant public scrutiny, are in more difficult situations. Movie stars are among those with explicit appearance concerns. They have to remain appealing in order to just do their jobs! To some lower extent, are the politicians and athletes who are the focus of most people’s attention. Hence, there are an increasing number of celebrities who have paid the price of smartening their looks up and had hair transplantation. Here is a list of those famous people with hair loss transplants:

Elton John

The famed pianist superstar, Elton John’s hair began thinning in the early 70’s. He was one of the first famous music superstars to get a hair implantation. He was insomuch the focus of the public that there was no way to deny the operation. Elton John’s procedure has created an amazingly natural appearance that is hard to differentiate from a completely “normal” hairline.

Mel Gibson

In the 1980s, Mel Gibson was on the list of the 50 most beautiful figures. When his career started to go downhill, so did the quality of his hair! In 2006, his thinning hair becomes lush in some areas of his head. Thanks to hair transplantation, He has been very satisfied with his new appearance since then. Now his hair looks pretty good for a man in his sixties!

Wayne Rooney

Interestingly, this famous English football player tweeted to all his followers informing them of his hair transplantation surgery. He confirmed that he was completely satisfied with the results of the transplantation.

Sylvester Stallone

Everybody has noticed that this Hollywood superstar had undergone hair transplantation. The result was quite satisfying and his hair seems to return to his twenties.

Sean Pen

This star’s hair transplantation looks so natural that one who has not seen him or his photos before the treatment, may not notice the hair transplants.

Silvio Berlusconi

It is obvious that this Italian billionaire and former prime minister has undergone hair transplantation. In fact, he had his hair transplantation in 2004.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has good reason to keep on looking his best for the roles he plays. This superstar’s hairline has been brought forward and given him the boyish good looks that his fans are used to.


He was on the verge of having no hair. From photographs, everybody can see that there are now more hairs on top and at the front of Bono’s head. He is trying to keep his youthful looks because there is a lot of competition in today’s celebrity world and men are swiftly nearing women in using surgery to look their best.

John Travolta

The Hollywood superstar, John Travolta, has been suffered from thinning hair for years. First, he changed his image by shaving his head, and in the end, he went for a hair transplant to maintain his appealing appearance.

David Beckham

A receding hairline for this good-looking soccer superstar was not acceptable. He fought this with a transplant. Today, his hair looks great.

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner’s hair transplant performed in 2006. His hairline was apparently receding beforehand. Costner’s transplanted hairline looks natural and there is no “plugged” look as with some transplant procedures.

Calun Best

After his hair transplantation, Calun, son of the legend football player, George Best, told the reporters that he would have had no hair on the front of his scalp if it hadn’t been for the surgical procedures.

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