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Chances of Success in Hair Transplantation

Statistics show that up to 99% of all cases of follicular hair extraction procedure (hair transplantation surgery) have been successful. The success of the procedure is assessed after a year when the appearance of the fully grown transplanted hairs is observed. It is when the patient has no concern about his or her hair and […]

Hair Transplantation for Women

At first glance, it may seem that hair loss is mostly the men’s problem, yet statistics show that 40% of women experience hair thinning and they are “suffering” from this condition much more than men. Why? Because, no matter what age a woman is, hair is the crowning glory of her appearance. According to statistics, […]


Hair Loss Medication

Nowadays, medicine has achieved some remarkable successes in treating hair loss. With the advances in the field of surgery, one can hope to replace the lost hair with natural substitutes. Medications have also made some progresses in controlling hair loss. Today, the myths such as “snake oils” are no longer cared about, instead, some effective […]


The Procedure of Follicular Hair Extraction – FUE

Among various hair transplant methods, follicular hair extraction (FUE) wears the crown at ensuring the best results in hair loss cases. Its popularity is due to its minimal invasiveness and painless procedure along with its permanent and satisfying results. Here are the stages of this surgical procedure: Consultation and treatment planning After previous consultations, on […]

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Hair Transplant Methods

Somewhat dubious though it may seem, yet the first known baldness treatment returns to 3500 years ago, showing the significance of the problem. Statistics suggest that the number of hair transplants is rising by 20% annually. This is due to the increasing demands for an attractive appearance and resolving undesirable social and psychological consequences of […]

Types of Hair Loss

What is hair? In the outer layer of skin, there are hair follicles that produce fine outgrowths (hairs) out of a protein (keratin). Hair follicles make new hair cells while the old, then dead, cells are being pushed out at the velocity of 15 centimeters per year. In fact, the visible hair is a string […]