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Hair Transplant Methods

Techniques of hair transplantation

Somewhat dubious though it may seem, yet the first known baldness treatment returns to 3500 years ago, showing the significance of the problem. Statistics suggest that the number of hair transplants is rising by 20% annually. This is due to the increasing demands for an attractive appearance and resolving undesirable social and psychological consequences of going bald, especially in today’s world. Thanks to cutting-edge technology that have evolved to impressive heights, today, the operation to transplant hair has become more convenient to patients. Moreover, the results imitate the way hair grows naturally and is undetectable as a hair transplant. Therefore, the procedure is now fairly common particularly to treat male pattern baldness. Other hairless areas such as the eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, mustache, and chest can also be restored by this procedure, and likewise bald injury scars and some women’s issues.

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