Dr. E. Ismail

Medical Director

1958 in Mersin

Foreign languages:

1983 Istanbul University Medical Faculty
1983 - 1985 Mandatory service

1985-1989 postgraduate studies in the main field Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
1989 scholarship at the University of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

1990 - 1995 senior medical officer in England - specializing in facial embellishments (Craniofacial)
Member of the world-renowned surgical teams "Registar"
1995 granting the teaching commitment for the abovementioned range
1997 - 2001 Co-operation in the United States with Dr. Oscar M. Ramires
(Clin. Ass. Prof. John Hopkins Universitity, Scool of Medicine Baltimore / Maryland), Prof. Dr. Henry Kawamoto Jr. and Prof. Dr. William W. Shaw (Division of Plastic and Recon constructive Surgery, UCLA / California).
since 2001 - appointed professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery