Dr. Tugrul Maral

Medical Director

Dr. Maral is the Founder and Chief Plastic Surgeon of the Maral Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and  Hair Transplantation in Istanbul. Dr. Maral completed his high-school education at Fen Lisesi, in Ankara (1978 and 1981).

Dr Maral obtained his diplomas and training in medicine and plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery from one of Turkey’s most prestigious medical schools, Hacettepe University’s School of Medicine, in Ankara (1981-1995).

He qualified as an aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon in 1995.

Saç ekimi

From 1995-2006, Dr. Maral was the Head of the Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and Coordinator of Surgical Departments at Başkent UniversityHospital and the Anadolu Hospital, a private hospital in Istanbul, Turkey that is affiliated with The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States.

In 2002, he was appointed Associate Professor to the Faculty of Medicine at Başkent University in Ankara, Turkey. At the Maral Klinik for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation, your medical plan and hair restoration surgery sacekimwill be performed only by Dr. Maral and his specially trained team in the MikroFUE hair transplantation technique.For your hair restoration, you can surely trust in the experience and expertise of Dr. Maral and his hair transplantation team.