Dr. Hamid Aydin

Medical Director

He was born in 1969, the first Batman-secondary education, Lyceum education in Ankara, Diyarbakir, completed his graduation from university in 1993. Kusadasi began his career in 1994 as a Doctor of Medicine Adiyaman Kâhta continued.

Starting with the work of the Free Medical Tourism Medicine Aesthetic and Beauty industry since the 2000s, together with the activities of these areas, starting in Kusadasi and Izmir, first opened for business. Health Tourism packages are created for the same years, many individuals and organizations serve as a model for the domain and opened new areas of business.

For this purpose, his studies abroad, participated in TV programs, especially in the conferences with the branches of hair transplantation and aesthetic plastic surgery is a treatment is considered to be very patient to come to Turkey.

Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine, the Acupuncture Specialist training to deal with the problem of weight loss after the aesthetics of the most important area and was able to produce a strategy on this issue. Aesthetics Spa and Wellness Centers Centers established in Istanbul and in the obesity treatment, including through the aesthetic of a wide perspective of patients had the opportunity to provide all. A lot of guests participated in the TV station, TV programs, offering newspapers, magazines, websites and articles by Dr. regular overseas broadcasts. Hamid Aydin is currently operating in Istanbul EstetIstanbul İspanbul Spa and Wellness Center, Medical Center Chief of Staff and Medical Director conducts.



The Journal of Diyarbakir: Faculty of Medicine from 1990-1993 during training columnist for
Dicle University Bulletin: Bulletin of the University from 1992-1993 Director of Publication
Literary Magazines: Since 1992 a variety of literature and poetry, magazines articles, essays, poetry, research and studies
Yenigun Newspaper: Writing Corner
Haber7.com: Writing Corner
Haberx.com: Corner Writing and Health Editor
e-kolay.net: Corner Writing and Health Editor



Kanaltürk: DoktorTV Program Hosting
Country TV: Health Program Hosting
Cine 5: Dr.. Hamid AYDIN Sunday Chat program Hosting
TV-8: With Dr.Hamid Aydın Healthcare Hosting



• 1987-1993: Medical School
• 1993-1994: Adıyaman Compulsory Service
• 1994-2007: Aydin Kusadasi Pilot Health Center Physicians
• 1995-2005: Tourism Physicians
• 1998: Office Medicine Certificate Program
• 2003-2006: Emergency Medicine Physician Training Programs
• 2004-2011: Medical Aesthetic Training Programs
• 2004-2011: Mesotherapy Training Programs
• 2004-2011: Botox-Filler Training Programs
• 2004: Laser Hair Removal Training Programs
• 2005: FUE Hair Transplant Method Training Programs
• 2005: Hair Mesotherapy Training Programs
• 2004: Electro Acupuncture Training Program
• 2008: Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine, Acupuncture Specialist Training
• 2010: Fractional Laser Training Program
• 2010: Hair Restoration Processor Education Program